OSCODA – A fraud alert was recently issued by the Oscoda Township Police Department.

Officers recently received a report of a local resident receiving a telephone call from a man who identified himself as law enforcement. 

The individual asked for the resident’s name and once that was provided he told the resident that their grandchild was arrested for drunk driving and injured. 

The individual insisted the grandchild’s father not be notified of the circumstances. The individual then asked for the resident’s Social Security Number and bank account number and asked for a money transfer for the release of the grandchild. 

Fortunately the staff at the resident’s financial institution became suspicious of the efforts to transfer the funds and prevented a financial loss. 

Police are asking people to be alert to possible fraudulent activity. Perpetrators of fraud often portray themselves as authorities, and create elaborate stories in order to convince or coerce their targets into being cooperative. Do not confirm information provided to you by the perpetrators of fraud, and do not volunteer information to the perpetrators of fraud. 

If you become suspicious that anyone on the telephone who has identified themselves as an “authority” may be a perpetrator of fraud, disconnect with them. 

Using a publicly listed telephone number attempt to contact the department or agency they identify with in an effort to verify the legitimacy of the telephone call.