OSCODA – The Oscoda Township Police Department recently received a report of a Craigslist scam. 

While searching for an affordable vehicle the victim responded to a Craigslist ad for a vehicle listed for sale in Cadillac. 

A dialog over text message and email in regards to the sale of the vehicle followed with the perpetrator of the fraud convincingly portraying themselves as active military away at training. The victim was told the vehicle would be sold through “eBay Motors.” 

The victim was then e-mailed from a fraudulent eBay email account requesting payment with e-Bay gift cards. The victim became suspicious of the transaction once told extra insurance would need to be purchased with eBay gift cards 

The Oscoda Township Police Department is asking people to be alert to possible fraudulent activity. Police said perpetrators of fraud often convincingly portray themselves as trustworthy.

Police further advise people to consider being suspicious when someone claims your transaction is guaranteed, that a buyer/seller is officially certified, or that a third party of any kind will handle or provide protection for a payment. 

According to police, these claims are fraudulent, as transactions on Craigslist are between users only. Police said perpetrators of fraud will often send an official looking (but fake) email that appears to come from Craigslist or another third party (in this case e-Bay Motors), offering a guarantee, certifying a seller, or pretending to handle payments. 

For more information go to https://www.craigslist.org/about/scams