Michael Craig Phelan

Michael Craig Phelan

TAWAS CITY – A suspect in an assault with intent to murder case was denied bond by a judge, according to court documents.

East Tawas resident Michael Craig Phelan, 49, if convicted, faces life in prison on the aforementioned charge. He also is being charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, less than murder by strangulation, a charge of aggravated stalking and a charge of aggravated domestic violence, with a second offense notice attached.

Phelan was bound over to Iosco County’s 23rd Circuit Court on Jan. 27, where the judge continued to deny bond to Phelan. He is currently being held in the Iosco County Jail awaiting a Circuit Court hearing.

According to the Michigan State Police, troopers responded to a Baldwin Township home on Jan. 10, 2021, after a 911 call to Iosco County Central Dispatch with an unnamed woman screaming on the other end of the line for help.

Troopers arrived at the home, which was cohabited by the alleged victim, a woman and Phelan, to the woman alleging that she was physically assaulted by Phelan numerous times that day. Troopers could see broken furniture strewn throughout the living room of the home.

The alleged victim told troopers that Phelan had allegedly began drinking early in the morning the day of the incident, and became upset and felt emasculated when she attempted to purchase a face cord of firewood off Facebook. She said he was angry and disruptive throughout the morning.

Later in the day, the alleged victim told troopers that she locked Phelan out of the house, but he entered through a side window and proceeded to beat on her, physically dragging her and lifting her, and then allegedly slammed her under and in front of a wood stove in the living room.

She told troopers that Phelan allegedly poured beer on her, threw beer cans at her and choked her on the floor of the living room. She reported that she did not pass out but her vision was turning gray from the alleged choking.

When the alleged victim called 911, she told troopers that Phelan allegedly began destroying the furniture in the living room, and threatened to get his chainsaw and cut her up with the tool.

As troopers pulled into the driveway of the home, Phelan allegedly told police that he was going to kill the victim and then allegedly have the police kill him.

After Phelan was arrested, he was interviewed and told troopers that the pair were arguing about firewood, and that he had allegedly put his hands on her, but could not remember choking the victim. He told troopers that he did say he was going to chop her up with the chainsaw but said he was joking. He said he did not think he would ever choke her.

Phelan was taken to jail, and although he alleged he had only a small amount of beer, blew a .16 on the Preliminary Breathalizer Test. The victim was transported to the Ascension St. Joseph Hospital for treatment for abdominal pain and was diagnosed with a fractured tail-bone. 

Troopers also note in the case that the alleged victim has a personal protection order out against Phelan, which states that Phelan will not “assault, threaten or abuse” the victim.

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