Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma

Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma

TAWAS CITY – Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma, 71, Tawas City, has again been accused of 4th-degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC).

If convicted as charged of the high court misdemeanor, he could be jailed for two years and/or be required to pay fines of $500.

Sharma, who also serves as the Iosco County Medical Examiner, was arrested earlier this month and released after posting a $10,000 personal recognizance bond. He was set to appear in Iosco County 81st District Court for a probable cause conference on Dec. 18.

According to court records, it is alleged that in June 2016, Sharma touched a female patient in a sexual manner, outside of medical treatment.

The incident allegedly occurred at Tawas Bay Family Practice, located on West Lake Street in Tawas City.

The woman told the Michigan State Police (MSP) that, during an office visit, she and Sharma were alone in a room when he allegedly fondled both of her breasts.

The woman claims that this stopped when a nurse re-entered the room.

She allegedly told police that Sharma touching her in that way was “inappropriate,” and not part of the reason for her office visit that day.

As reported in the Oct. 17 edition of this publication, a warrant for Sharma’s arrest was authorized by Iosco County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Rapp on Oct. 1.

This was for a separate 4th-degree CSC, after a patient of Sharma’s claims that he sexually assaulted her in March, during a medical exam at Tawas Bay Family Practice.

The woman alleges in court documents that Sharma touched her breasts more than once, while also making verbal comments which were not related to her medical exam.

Further, an employee of Tawas Bay Family Practice claims to have entered the exam room that day and seen Sharma pull away the front of the woman’s shirt.

The staff member told the MSP that Sharma made a comment about the patient’s breasts which, in the employee’s opinion, was not part of the medical exam.