PLAINFIELD Twp. – Kendra Lee-Ann Gay, 32, Hale, sustained incapacitating injuries during a single-vehicle rollover crash on June 6, in Plainfield Township.

The Iosco County Sheriff’s Office notes that the incident occurred at 3:29 p.m. on Vaughn Road, near Esmond Road.

Deputy Matthew Klosowski states that when he arrived on scene, he observed a truck which had collided into a tree and rolled over, with extensive damage.

The driver of the GMC Sierra – Kenneth Gerald Kinney Jr., 30, Hale – was unharmed during the crash.

Gay, however, was reported to be in pain and was found halfway out of the passenger side window, with the vehicle having a partially caved in roof.

Klosowski says he entered the truck and steadied Gay’s cervical spine, with Iosco County EMS and Plainfield Township Fire Department personnel also arriving to assist.

According to authorities, the Jaws of Life were utilized to open the passenger side door, and paramedics removed Gay from the vehicle.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and later transferred to a different facility in Saginaw. At press time, she was said to be in serious, unstable condition, with a broken neck.

The crash is being investigated and, according to Klosowski, Kinney said he had been having brake and tire issues on the truck.

He told authorities that the vehicle started to shake and he was unable to steer, after which he veered off the road and struck a tree, causing the truck to roll.

Both of the occupants were wearing seat belts at the time, and neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected as contributing factors to the event.

The vehicle incurred disabling damage and was towed from the crash site.