I recently heard someone liken the current Covid-19 Pandemic to World War III, and I think it is probably the most apt comparison that has ever been said. And when you think about it, it makes a ton of sense. We as a planet, not just a nation, are banded together to fight a common enemy, stretching our resources and personnel as thin as possible to get the job done and come out the other side as winners.

This is the first time since the second World War that most of the world has been embroiled in a common conflict. Only this time we are not fighting each other, we are fighting a virus.

In the last few weeks the “fighters” of this war have become evident and I am proud of all of them. There are of course the regular citizens doing their part in the war, the people who are listening to what the local, state and federal government has to say about social distancing and following rules to help “flatten the curve” of the virus. After all, if the virus cannot spread and infect others, it cannot live, and it will eventually die.

Flattening the curve, and keeping people from getting infected with Covid-19, also keeps our medical facilities with fewer infected to treat.

That leads me into the next group of fighters, the front-line infantry of the war, the medical personnel who are working every day with the infected to get them better and out of the hospital, so unfortunately, there will be room for more infected to fill in their place. 

Having spent time in the hospital before, I can say that it takes something special to be a nurse or a medical professional. This is from the food service workers all the way up to the doctors. Most of them are not doing the job to get rich; they are doing the job because they care about people. 

In normal times these medical professionals are doing work that most people in the public would not want to do. Now with infected coming into hospitals, needing special care, they are doing a really important job in not just saving lives, but working to keep the rest of the public safe. 

There are others in the fight, I consider the quartermasters of the war, and those are the grocery store workers who are keeping the population supplied with everything they need from cleaning products to food. Grocery store workers are essential workers. Unless you are a doomsday prepper (something that is looking like a better idea day after day) you do not have a year’s worth of food and supplies readily available at your home.

Grocery store workers, and others in essential retail, are putting their health on the line every day to stock the shelves, get orders for residents picked, and generally keep the public supplied during this pandemic. There is a saying that an Army marches on their stomach, and we need to keep marching in this war.

Another group of essential workers that I am extremely appreciative for are our emergency first responders, everyone from the State Police, local police and fire departments, Emergency Medical Services and all who work in the emergency medical field. In the war against Covid-19 I would consider these workers the Special Forces in the fight. 

Even though there is uncertainty in the world, I personally rest assured that these men and women are out there and if something happens they will be there to help, like they have always been there in Iosco County.

There are many different job titles – fighters in the war – that are exempt from stay at home orders during the pandemic, including members of the media, and I will probably not be able to name the all in this column. But rest assured that the public appreciates your work and I am personally glad that you are out there working to keep use safe supplied and ready to take the pandemic head on in the coming weeks. 

You are all warriors in the fight, and I thank you for fighting and the public should too.