TAWAS CITY – There wasn’t any stopping a strong Boyne City girls soccer team on Tuesday, June 4. 

Tawas Area, playing the Lady Ramblers in a Division 3 regional semifinal game at Clare, wasn’t able to slow the state’s eighth ranked team down leading to a 6-0 season-ending setback. 

“Well, things definitely didn’t go our way,” head coach Adrianne Dittenbir said. “On top of playing a really tough team who was ranked and the girls coming into this game nervous, we weren’t playing our ‘A’ game. We had a lot of errors in the form of missed opportunities to intercept, kicking the ball and missing it completely. 

“We were moving slow and often chasing tail, trying to catch up. Our first half showed that we were off but also Boyne City was on their game. They were aggressive and fast.”

Tori McEwan had 12 first half saves in goal, but Boyne City was still able to find the back of the net five times to hold a 5-0 lead at the break. 

“Coming off the field at half time the girls were feeling pretty defeated, we needed to come back out and give ourselves a fresh start, push a little harder and we knew that, but they were having a hard time believing in themselves that they could do it,” Dittenbir said. “In the second half we did only allow one goal, however, we were unable to get a chance to even shoot on goal to try to make-up the large lead that Boyne had on us.”

Boyne City also won Thursday’s regional title game, 4-3 over Freeland. 

“So, we are done for the season, and though it is always a hope to continue on, there has to be a losing team and this night it was us,” Dittenbir said. “But, we lost to an amazing team who have now become the regional champs and are continuing their journey to states.  I can’t say I’m upset, Boyne City deserved that win and I wish them luck. Since they’ve made it beyond us, we might as well hope they go all the way, right?”

Tawas finishes the season 16-4-1 overall and won its first district title since 2012. 

“I’m ending the season with a great record, a fantastic group of girls, and high hopes for another amazing season next year,” Dittenbir said. “I’ll be missing some keys players as my seniors move on, but I’m hoping that we can fill those voids from within and we continue to grow. I can only hope for another great season next year. I’ll have at least six to eight juniors who should be returning as seniors and they’ll be the new leaders of the team. I’m confident that they’ll do a wonderful job leading this team through our 2020 season.”