Sarah Michelle Gellar opens up about living with asthma during the Covid-19 pandemic. Far from being the only one in her family with asthma, she shares that her mother, children, and husband all suffer as well. Because Covid-19 is a respiratory virus, everyone in the family has been at higher risk: “You realize how much is really at stake.” Tune in to hear more about her experience and how her approach to health has changed in the past two years.

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0:00 Introduction

0:00 Introduction

0:14 What Asthma Feels Like

0:42 Living With Asthma

1:31 Living with Asthma During Covid-19 Pandemic

2:21 Paying Attention to Asthma Triggers and Adapting Your Life

3:26 Being at Higher Risk for Covid-19

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Sarah Michelle Gellar on Living with Asthma During the Pandemic | Celebrity Deep Dives | Health