OSCODA – The Jackson Family presents the Spooky House Tour, welcome and free to all, every Friday, Saturday and on Halloween from 8 to 11 p.m. 

“We’re really big fans of Halloween,” said Organizer Sandra Jackson.  

According to Jackson, the haunted house started last year, inspired by a desire to lift her son’s spirit, nine year old Spencer Jackson, during the pandemic. 

We already decorate quite a bit on our own inside and out of our home, but last year he was just depressed about COVID,” said Sandra. 

To bring him some joy, Sandra and her family decided to open up their home to anyone who wanted to visit. She added, last year the family saw about 50 people visit throughout October. 

“We’re a little different than most haunted houses because you go through and you either have the scaring, people jumping at you or you have the gore. Well, we have dolls and we have, what we call the witch’s lair,” said Sandra. 

The family encourages locals to tour the old wicked witch’s house, and added, the witch may pay a visit. Sandra said however, visitors don’t have to be afraid because her cackle is worse than her bite. 

“Because we have a lot of little things to see, we have potion bottles, we have dolls, we have just a lot of little things 

As far as weather’s permitted, the haunted house will commence, unless it is actively raining, otherwise the house will be closed. The one exception will be Halloween night, where regardless of weather the attraction will be opened. 

The attraction is located on the base at 8001A N. Alaska St., in Oscoda. If anyone is interested in the attraction or volunteering, Sandra can be contacted by calling 305-7831.

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