A view of one of the Epic Dragon show’s scenes at the Shoreline Theater. The show is still going and tickets are available for Sept. 3, 4 and 5.

OSCODA – While most of us were baking bread and trying new recipes during the COVID lockdown, Eric Joseph of Erock Innovations, spent the past year synchronizing lights, water, fire and music to create Epic Dragon Awakens, a laser light show set to instrumental rock music with a medieval and pirate vibe. 

The show debuted at the Shoreline Players Community Theater this past weekend. Joseph served as the producer, designer and stage manager; engineering was provided by Greg Gjerde and programming by Parker Cleary. The show features LED theatrical lighting, moving lights, kinetic lights, LED pixels, lasers, video, cold sparks, fog, fire and water. 

Joseph said he was inspired to create the show by his visits to Las Vegas, he loves going there, and his grandfather’s annual Christmas display of lights. His grandfather, George Wainwright, who lives north of town in Oscoda’s Brewster Park, has been decorating his 1.5 acre property with hundreds of thousands of lights since 1975.    

A highlight of the show was the water fountain that was custom designed and built by the team. A 32-foot-long pool was designed to hold minimal water while still supplying enough water for the jets. Joseph used the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas as his inspiration. 

Joseph was excited to share how he created the production, “I love doing this,” he said while sharing details about the computer software used to create the production. 

According to Sue Miller, president of the Shoreline Players and co-producer of the show, the pandemic provided the Players with the opportunity to construct the set and create the light show at the Shoreline Players Community Theater. 

Joseph, who has a degree in Information Technology from Central Michigan University, works as a database designer and computer programmer by day. He plans to take the production on the road to venues around the state and country. 

For individuals who want to see the production locally, tickets are still available for the Sept. 3, 4, and 5 shows and can be reserved by contacting the Theater at739-3586. Student, student VIP, standard and VIP tickets are available. VIP ticket holders receive a behind the scenes tour of the projection room, special seating, concessions and a swag bag. 

Run time for the show is approximately 80 minutes with a 10-minute intermission. More information can be found on the Theater’s website www.shorelineplayers.org.

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