MAKING MOVES – Three of the four members which make up Lori & The Darlings are natives of either East Tawas or Tawas City – as is photographer Josh Maynard, who snapped this image for the band during a promo shoot. While the band mates each have years of musical experience under their belts, Lori & The Darlings have only been performing live together since this past December, and they’ve been consistently lining up shows ever since. Pictured here, front, is bassist Nick Callender. Seen in the back, from left, are electric guitarist Roger Marchbanks, singer/songwriter Lori Keisler and drummer/manager Eric D’Aigle.

EAST TAWAS – When a new band emerges, it can take time for the members to establish a name for themselves, and for venues to begin allowing them to perform.

But Lori & The Darlings – despite it being only six months since they started playing shows together – is already booking gigs at an impressively rapid pace.

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