TAWAS CITY – Iosco County Emergency Medical Services (EMS), in partnership with Tawas City Walmart, is hoping to stuff a “BooBoo Bus” this weekend in support of the Iosco County Humane Society.

The fundraiser has been set from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20. It will be held near the entrance of Walmart, which is located at 621 E. Lake St. (US-23).

The event has been organized by EMT Kevin Howe, who works for Iosco County EMS and has been an advocate for the animals at the humane society’s shelter in Tawas City.

He states that since the humane society’s budget was cut in October 2020, they have been relying on donations to keep the shelter up and running.

During the Stuff the BooBoo Bus event, Howe and Iosco County Humane Society staff will be stationed outside of Walmart with an ambulance, which they are hoping to fill with much needed items for the shelter.

They will be collecting any and all donations that will benefit the animals. This includes cleaning supplies – such as Lysol spray and bleach, dog and cat supplies, food, treats and so on. Monetary donations will be accepted during the event, as well, and a more detailed list of the supplies needed will also be available on site that day.

For some time now, Howe has been donating items every couple of weeks, usually alternating between cleaning supplies one time, and then food, treats and toys the next.

When considering ways to help out even more, he shared that he got to thinking about some of the fundraisers hosted by other organizations. In a spin on the Stuff a Blue Goose toy drive hosted by the Michigan State Police, he decided to roll out the Stuff the BooBoo Bus campaign.

Upon obtaining permission from his boss and Iosco County Commissioners to conduct the event, he reached out to those at Walmart and says that they were fully on board with the idea.

Howe stressed that the humane society needs help now, more than ever. With hundreds of animals passing through their doors a month – sometimes a week – coupled with the budget cuts, the shelter is operating on donations from the good-hearted people of not only Iosco County, but also the neighboring counties and even other states.

Howe points out that the animals which end up at the shelter are there by no fault of their own. “They are confused, scared and miss having a family.”

Further, he says that the staff at the humane society volunteer more hours a week of their personal time than most people work during a two-week period, sometimes using their own money to purchase supplies, too.

“It’s time someone step up for not only the animals, but the staff as well,” he expressed. “They all deserve a couple months where there is no stress on having cleaning supplies or food for the animals waiting for their next home.”

For more information on the Iosco County Humane Society, which is located at 3881 W. M-55, call 362-3170 or visit facebook.com/iosco.society/.

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