EAST TAWAS – The 14th annual 3 Disciplines Sunrise Side Triathlons will be held in East Tawas on Saturday, Sept. 11.

The athletes will compete in one of seven distance events Olympic and Sprint triathlons, Olympic and Sprint Aquabikes, Super Sprint, Sprint Duathlon and a Sprint KayaTri, according to Kenny Krell owner of the sponsoring Burton-based 3 Disciplines Racing.

The triathlons begin at 8 a.m. Saturday at the East Tawas Harbor Park. That’s when the Olympic athletes will enter Tawas Bay for a 1,500-kilometer swim. They will be followed by the Sprint distance athletes at 8:30 for a 500-meter swim and at 8:50 by Super Sprint distance athletes for a 200-meter swim.

After the swim, Olympic distance athletes will then bike 40 kilometers and finish with a 10-k run, while Sprint distance athletes will bike 20 kilometers before ending with a 5-k run. Super Sprint distance athletes will bike 10 kilometers and finish with a one mile run.

Courses will be laid out on Tawas Bay for the swims. The swims will be in the shallow water area parallel to the beach at the East Tawas City Park. The athletes will each start at the same point and will eventually head toward the East Tawas State Dock. 

After completing the swims, the athletes will immediately head toward the transition area on Newman Street in downtown East Tawas where they will begin the bike portion of the races.

“This is one of our favorite courses we have, if not the best one,” Krell said of the bike course. “If you count 20 cars past the two-mile mark on the course, it will be very rare.

“This is smooth sailing the entire route, nothing rough out there. Pine trees line the course just about the entire way.”

Exiting the transition area, the bicyclists will make a right turn on State across Newman to another right turn on Bridge Street. An immediate right on Monument Road will take the competitors into the Huron National Forest.

Sprint and Olympic athletes will turn around at their respective 10- and 20-k marks labeled with large orange signs. 

The athletes will then return to the transition area, get off their bikes and put on their running shoes for their respective 10-k, 5-k or one-mile runs.

The running course is through the residential streets of East Tawas. 

Sprint Duathlon athletes start with a 2.5-k run, followed by a 20-k ride on a bike and ending with a 5-k run.

Olympic Aquabike is a 1.5-k swim and a 40-k bike; and Sprint Aquabike is a 500-m swim and a 20-k bike. The Sprint KayaTri is two miles on a kayak or paddle board, 20-k bike and a 5-k run.

“Downtown East Tawas and Newman Street hosts the best finish line in the state,” Krell said. 

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