TAWAS CITY – Iosco County, working on restructuring its administration duties, has voted to hire for a new county controller/finance director position after the Aug. 25 meeting.

Commissioners during their meeting voted 4-0 to hire Jamie Carruthers Soboleski as the county’s new controller/finance director. She comes with 18 years of local auditing experience working with Stevenson and Company, and has performed audits on the county’s books for decades, according to Iosco County Co-Administrator/Treasurer Nancy Huebel. 

Commissioner John Moehring was absent from the meeting and did not vote on the hiring.

The hiring of Soboleski is the final move that reconfigures the county’s administrative staff, in votes that took place earlier this month at the board’s Aug. 11 meeting.

During that meeting commissioners recognized the retirement of longtime county board of commissioners Secretary/Co-Administrator Mindy Schirmer from the job, recognized the controller/finance director position, and tasked Huebel and Schirmer find someone to appoint and hire to that job. The vote for that measure was 5-0.

With Shirmer’s retirement, commissioners voted to keep Huebel would retain administrative compensation of $12,000, and be renamed assistant to the county controller/finance director. They also voted to seek out a non-union, full-time position for board of commissioners secretary that pays $17.50 an hour, effective immediately. 

Soboleski’s term as controller/finance director, with the approval of the board, will begin on September 7, and she will be compensated for her duties with a $75,000 salary, according to her contract.

Soboleski could not be at the meeting, but Huebel talked about her to members of the board. She said that she had been the county’s auditor, as well as other smaller units of government in Iosco County, for many years.

“She has an extensive background, she knows the inter-workings of all the departments, she knows all the operations I feel she is the perfect fit for this position and with her experience she will take the county levels we’ve not seen before,” said Huebel.

Commission Chairman Jay O’Farrell said he was happy to have her on board as administrative staff for the county.

“We’re lucky to be in this position at this time and we have to look at the future of the Iosco County government, I think she will be a perfect fit, she knows all the different accounts, she’s been the auditor since I’ve been a commissioner,” O’Farrell said.

He said the fast nature of the hiring is because he said with Schirmer leaving quickly, it was the consensus to make the move quickly.

“We didn’t have a lot of time to send out advertisements statewide for people to fit this position,” he said. “I sit on a lot of these types of search committees and they are a waste of taxpayer dollars, especially when you have people locally that have the talent and fit the position.”

Other commissioners though that Soboleski would do well. Commissioner Robert  Huebel, who was once the supervisor of Oscoda Township, said he knew her with working on that township’s board and said she always did good work.

Nancy Huebel said that the county was basically hiring an employee that already had 18 years of experience in the county.

“There is no one anywhere that has the experience she does,” Huebel said.

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