OSCODA – The NorthEast Michigan Rocket Association met at Oscoda High School (OHS) last Friday and launched seven model rockets to everyone’s delight. 

Rocket kits had been distributed at an earlier meeting for the students to build. This meeting was to prove their rockets worked.  After a brief rocket physics lesson in Brianne Becker’s classroom, everyone headed out for the baseball field and prepped their rockets. 

Flight data recorders were loaded into each rocket prior to flight. Calculations at the start of the meeting predicted the  “Spirit” rocket would make it to 160 feet, and the altimeter registered 162 feet – proving this science stuff really works. 

Most of the students flew their rocket as a single stage rocket with a modest engine for the first time to increase the odds of success, but one student decided to add a booster stage to her “Chiller” on its maiden voyage. The booster followed by the main engine achieved a 13.2 g acceleration, getting to 106 mph and soaring to 466 feet, almost out of sight. 

The rocket club is a science enrichment activity, an extension of the Rotary-sponsored Interact Service Club, by OHS Chemistry teacher Becker and Rotarian Rick Ruth. Ruth also launched four rockets for Angela Lenon’s 8th grade science enrichment class a day earlier. 

They are planning a project to make water powered bottle rockets. If you have a student that would like to participate in the OHS rocket club, call Ruth at 313-910-5809.

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