HAPPY FAMILY – Gallahar and Clouse smile with a family who said they could use a free turkey.

OSCODA  – Oscoda Officer Danny Gallahar and Ryan Clouse, owner of Roger’s Ace Hardware handed out 12 Open Acres brand turkeys to residents that looked like they may have needed or wanted one Nov. 19. 

Clouse rode along with Gallahar while performing routine stops around the city.

When they pulled people over, they asked about their holiday plans and how they were doing. They also talked to people on the street who they felt would want one.

The reward of giving turkeys out for thanksgiving was seeing how appreciative people were, said Clouse.

“When they got pulled over, they were a little hesitant,” he said. “They were nervous, you could tell they did not like being pulled over, and there was a legit reason in every time being pulled over. But, when you go and hand them a turkey and then they start laughing and it brings a little bit of joy and that’s the end of it. Officer Gallahar wasn’t there to give them a ticket. He was just there to do a little bit of good. It was great.”

Clouse said it was interesting to see what the police do on the daily and ride along with Officer Gallahar as he performed stops. He said the most rewarding stop was when Gallahar stopped somebody else doing a good deed that day.

“We ended up pulling over somebody that was doing grocery shopping for somebody that was unable to go and do any of their own grocery shopping. There was a list there and on that list was turkey. So, it was really rewarding to see somebody else doing something else good and we can go and help them as well. It was awesome to see that people are doing good in the community.”

Roger’s of Hale gives away turkeys annually with the Ogemaw County police, said Clouse.

He said he doesn’t do this formally, but when someone in the community expresses interest and wants to help, he considers turkey giveaways. This year, Officer Gallahar approached Clouse to see if he would want to participate in a giveaway in Oscoda and he said yes.

“We would talk to them about if they were all set for thanksgiving and really, it was a matter of if having a Thanksgiving turkey would take some pressure off their plate and make things a little easier for the holidays,” said Gallahar. “If they thought that it would, then we would gladly give them one.”

Clouse said that he enjoyed doing good and riding along with Officer Gallahar.

“I’d like to give credit to Danny Gallahar and the Oscoda Police Department. Without them this wouldn’t be possible and it was a great event that they were willing to take the time to go and do this and be a good benefit to our community. I give them the thanks.”

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