FOR SALE – The Oscoda Township Board of Trustees decided to move forward with Friedman Real Estate to list the Aune Medical Building for sale. The building currently houses the Alcona Health Center, which will soon be moving to its brand new building downtown. 

OSCODA – The Oscoda Township Board of Trustees moved forward with selling two township-owned properties during their regular board meeting Monday. 

During the last board meeting, trustees were presented with a Letter of Interest (LOI) for the Huron Shores Artisan Hall. Local business owner Vincent Iler offered to purchase the property for $100,000, which is about a third of the original asking price. 

Iler said he planned on bringing a new business to the building, which is over 100 years old and is located in the heart of downtown Oscoda across from his hardware store. 

The hall was purchased and renovated by the township’s Downtown Development Authority with plans to rent it out for events and farmers markets, but it was eventually listed for sale through Friedman Real Estate for $300,000, which is about what the township spent on the renovation.

Board members were split on whether or not the offer was too low, or if it would be best to just sell the property and move on. They decided to postpone a decision until more information was available.

Then on Monday, Superintendent Michael Mitchell explained that since the last meeting, Economic Improvement Committee Director Todd Dickerson had received a second letter of interest, via email, for $200,000. Board members questioned whether this could be considered a legally binding offer, or if they should act on it given that Iler’s offer was still unanswered.

“Without more formal processes laid out as to what constitutes an LOI or a purchase agreement, or what we would consider an offer, I don’t think this email is any less than the other LOIs we are considering,” Mitchell said. 

But board members decided to at least respond to Iler’s letter of interest before they considered a different buyer.

“We’ve sort of put Mr. Iler’s offer off to the side for a while now, I think we should respond to his offer and given the situation I would think a reasonable move would be to counter his offer at $200,000,” Trustee Bill Palmer said.

Supervisor Ann Richards said she would rather the attorneys look over the new offer before they decide to counter Iler’s offer, but Trustee Jeremy Spencer made a motion to counter at $200,000, and Palmer seconded it. The motion passed narrowly at 4-3, with Richards, Treasurer Jaimie McGuire and Clerk Joshua Sutton voting against the counter offer.

“We owe Vinny a response, that’s where I’m at right now,” Spencer said. “And if Vinny decides to decline it at that time then we can entertain other offers and I’m sure that will come about should that be the case.”

A second township-owned property that will soon be up for grabs is the Aune Medical Building, located on the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base. The building currently houses the Alcona Health Center, but the organization will soon be moving to its new building that is under construction in downtown Oscoda. 

Richards explained that when the township bid on Friedman Real Estate to list the Artisan Hall in the summer, the proposal included the Aune building as well, but the township decided not to list it yet. On Monday, the board decided to move forward with an agreement with Friedman to list the property.

As part of a different agenda item during Monday’s, Mitchell asked for the board’s approval in purchasing a new boiler pump for the Aune Medical Center, as the existing pumps have failed. 

“I would consider this an emergency repair that cannot wait both for the benefit of our tenants, but also to benefit our structure’s water pipes that a lack of heat would affect,” Mitchell said.

The board approved the purchase of the new pumps from Goyette Mechanical in the amount of $9,600. The costly replacement, while necessary, was just one more incentive for board members to list the property. 

“As much money that we’ve been putting into it, to fix the boiler pump and all that fun stuff, it would probably be in our best interest to go ahead and get that sucker listed,” Spencer said.

One aspect the board discussed was whether it would be best to simply list the property for sale, or to go through an auction process. Board members asked Dickerson to work with Friedman on what that route would entail.

“I was with Todd and we went to the Aune Medical Building and met with Friedman, and they talked about the two different methods and it sounded like they were pretty excited about the auction possibility so it’d be interesting to see what they come back with,” Richards said.

Spencer made the motion to move forward with an agreement with Friedman to list the Aune Medical Building, and McGuire offered support. The motion passed unanimously.

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