OSCODA – At their regular Sept. 13 meeting, the Oscoda Township Board of Trustees discussed a draft contract with Tammy Kline, who was appointed as the township superintendent at their Aug. 23 meeting. 

“One thing I noticed is I didn’t see a severance package in there,” said Trustee Jeremy Spencer. “There wouldn’t be necessarily, that’s something that would be negotiated at the time,” said township attorney Tim Freel. “There is an allowance that one could be provided, said Trustee Bill Palmer. “What those terms are is a case-by-case requirement,” said Freel. 

Township Treasurer Jaimie McGuire had a question about employment outside of the township. “Outside employment would have to be approved by the board,” said Freel. “I can’t imagine she will have extra time to seek that,” said Township Supervisor Ann Richards. “What is considered outside employment?” asked Spencer. 

There were also questions about residency requirements being included in the contract. The board would have to pass a resolution to change the residency requirement.   

Kline said she was not happy with the contract that she sent to trustees earlier in the day. She said she would want to see a revised contract before she signs it. “That’s a reasonable request,” said Spencer. 

Kline also said she did not want the six-month evaluation or a self-evaluation included in the contract. 

“We will go with the revisions Mr. Freel makes based on this conversation,” said Richards. “Obviously, Tammy I would not ask you to sign something you did not agree to. I apologize for assuming. The changes we talked to on Thursday were not in here. This is not a reflection of what the committee agreed to with Tammy,” said Richards.

Trustee Bill Palmer made a motion to approve the contract after it has been revised, Spencer provided support and the board unanimously approved. 

The revised contract, signed on Sept. 16 by Kline, Sutton and Richards, and in effect for a three-year term.

The board also unanimously approved Resolution 2021-27 that outlines the superintendent’s job duties in detail and Resolution 2021-28 removing the residency requirement for the superintendent. The residency requirement was waived for Kline because she already owns a home in a neighboring township. 

The board also voted unanimously to post the job posting for the assistant to the township superintendent. Kline said she had asked Township Clerk Josh Sutton for a beginning pay rate. “Can’t we take the range and add 10 percent,” asked Richards. With the 10 percent increase received by township employees, the position will have a starting rate of $16.10-$20.90 per hour. 

In other action the board: 


• Unanimously approved payment to Baker Tilley for $22,000 for services related to 2021 SRF Bonds. 


• Unanimously approved a request from ROWE Professional Services Company to find grant funding to complete work to the Oscoda Beach Park and Ken Ratliff Park, as outlined in the Oscoda Township Master Plan. “It’s a service that we provide and if we’re successful everyone benefits,” said Rick Freeman from Rowe. “I believe the beach park plan needs to be revisited before we talk about moving things,” said Richards. “Before we make any applications, we need to have a solid plan,” she added. “I agree,” said Spencer. “We don’t know what is going to trickle down from the federal government infrastructure money,” said Freeman. He added that parking lots are being repaired with used tires and that they are holding up really well. “Next year the Holiday Inn is going to be going in and we are going to have a disaster to the approach of our beach park. We need to get on this pretty quickly,” added Richards. “So long as we had something before the end of the calendar year…it will still put you in a good position for projects you want to tackle in 2022,” said Freeman. “We definitely need to tackle this this fall,” said Richards. Palmer said there appeared to be some confusion about which plans were being addressed. “I thought the plans they developed for Ratliff were pretty good,” he said.

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