OSCODA – Ronald and June Lothamer, both 57, were found deceased on July 1 at Coastal Dreams Resort.

Located on North US-23 in Oscoda, the husband and wife owned the resort and also resided on the property.

The Oscoda Township Police Department (OTPD) was originally dispatched to the location that morning, when a relative requested a well being check.

According to OTPD Detective Sergeant Erik McNichol, the building was locked when police arrived. Family members of the Lothamers showed up later that day and were able to gain entry into the residence, where they found the couple.

While the incident is consistent with either a double suicide or possibly a murder-suicide, McNichol reports that answers to some of the questions surrounding the deaths may not be possible.

“Unfortunately, due to the condition of the deceased individuals the medical examiner was not able to perform a blood draw, so we were not able to analyze blood gasses and toxicology,” he stated.

When the couple was found, they had already been deceased “for a period of time,” McNichol said. It appears that charcoal grills were used as a manner of asphyxiation. That heat, combined with already hot temperatures from the summer weather, accelerated the decomposition.

Therefore, due to the manner of death and the time frames associated with same, an autopsy and blood draw were not able to be performed.

McNichol says the evidence does indicate, though, that Ronald and June were both in the same room together, willingly. Further, there are no indications of anyone else having been involved in the incident.

“Unfortunately, we probably won’t know for sure what transpired between the deceased individuals but there was no note of injury on either party and the residence was orderly and undisturbed,” McNichol advised.

Police are still investigating the deaths, and anyone who may have information is asked to contact McNichol at the OTPD station, by calling 739-9113.

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