ELECTROFISHING – As DNR walleye surveys get underway later this fall, everyone is asked to use caution when fishing near the electrofishing boats; those wading will be asked to exit the water when a boat approaches and during electrofishing work.

LANSING – Beginning in late September through early October, anglers throughout the state are asked to be on the lookout for Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) personnel conducting walleye recruitment surveys – a tool that helps fisheries managers determine how many walleye either were produced naturally or survived stocking in 2022 (commonly referred to as a given year’s “young-of-year” fish).

Using electrofishing boats, crews will survey the shallow areas near the shoreline of lakes at night with the goal of capturing young-of-year walleye. On larger lakes, two or more electrofishing crews using separate boats may operate at the same time to cover more area.

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